Dry Hire

Dry hire refers to renting equipment without an operator. At ROBAR Rentals, we specialise in providing dry hire for all types of projects across Australia. 

With over 30 years in the equipment rental industry, our team has the expertise to deliver flexible dry hire solutions that save you time and money.

Helping Projects Across Australia Stay on Time and on Budget

ROBAR Rentals delivers flexible solutions to save you time and money on projects across Australia

  • Customisation

    Choose operators with the precise skills and experience for each machine and application. Fully utilise equipment capabilities to maximise productivity.

  • Accessibility

    Meet tight deadlines by rapidly acquiring equipment. Scale fleet up or down as required.

  • Efficiency

    Eliminate rental company overhead. Operate machines according to your schedule and needs without external operators.

  • Savings

    Dry hire rates are lower than wet hire options with operator fees.

Robar Rentals Construction Equipment for Dry Hire

Benefits of Dry Hire

Dry hire gives control over staffing and scheduling. You can choose operators suited to each machine and application. Without paying for external operators, dry hire provides cost savings. Rapid access to well-maintained equipment lets you scale fleets up or down to meet demands. Usage, operating hours and costs can be closely managed. Dry hire rates are lower than wet options with included operator fees.

ROBAR’s Dry Hire Fleet

ROBAR Rentals’ extensive dry hire fleet caters to all requirements:

  • Excavators from 0.8t to 35t ensure access to any required capability. Major brands such as Komatsu and Hitachi are available. Various configurations and attachments can be provided.
  • Our loader range includes skid steers, track loaders and wheeled loaders from 1t to 18t capacity. All leading suppliers are offered.
  • For material transport, we offer robust tipper trucks. Options range from 3.5t payload simple tippers right up to 30t articulated dump trucks.
  • Smooth drum, padfoot and combination drum compactors ranging from 2.5t to 18t suit all compaction needs. Multiple drum types can be provided.
  • Besides earthmovers, dry hire options include telehandlers, cranes, water trucks, transport solutions, generators and more. Useful attachments like buckets and breakers are also available to rent.
  • We invest in new premium models from reputable OEMs across our fleet for maximum reliability. Strict servicing ensures availability.

Reliable Dry Hire Support

ROBAR Rentals provides end-to-end service when you select our dry hire:

  • Consultation to advise the optimal equipment for your application and needs.
  • Operator training on machines to boost productivity.
  • Efficient transport solutions for delivery and pick up.
  • Thorough inspection and servicing of all equipment before dispatch.
  • Proactive maintenance throughout the rental period to prevent issues.
  • 24/7 technical assistance for troubleshooting and guidance.

Why Choose ROBAR Rentals for Dry Hire

With over 300 machines available, ROBAR Rentals has the inventory and variety to meet all dry hire needs. We regularly update our fleet with new releases. Key reasons to choose us:

  • Decades of experience managing dry hire for diverse projects.
  • Priority on preventative maintenance for maximum uptime.
  • Competitive dry hire rates with flexible terms to suit you.
  • Massive, modern fleet equipped for any application.
  • Guidance from seasoned professionals to find the right equipment.

Get in touch today to discuss your projects and dry hire requirements. Our team is ready to assess your needs and deliver the perfect dry hire solution.

For an efficient dry hire experience that provides true value, contact the experts at ROBAR Rentals. Let us recommend the optimal equipment to complete your next project on time and on budget. Reach out today!