Water Trucks

With a reliable fleet of tipper trucks, water trucks, and float trucks, ROBAR Rentals offers safe, efficient transportation solutions to support construction projects across Australia.

Wet and Dry Road Truck Hire

With powerful engines, sturdy frames and versatile trailer coupling, water truck rentals from ROBAR provide reliable long-haul transportation solutions to safely and efficiently haul equipment, materials and goods over highways.

Prime Mover for Hire - ROBAR Rentals - Brisbane & Adelaide

More From Our Fleet

From excavators and trucks to generators and compactors, explore the full range of civil construction equipment available for hire from ROBAR Rentals.

Excavator for Hire


Light Vehicles for Hire

Light Vehicles

Tipper Truck for Hire


Robar Truck for Hire

Water Trucks

Track Loader for Hire

Track Loaders

Water Trailer for Hire - ROBAR Rentals - Brisbane & Adelaide


Wheeled Loader for Hire

Wheeled Loaders