With tipper, float, pipe, dog, and sidelifter trailers, ROBAR Rentals has the right hauling solution to safely transport materials, machinery, and equipment for any project.

Wet and Dry Trailer Hire

For specialised trailer rentals, ROBAR Rentals has you covered. ROBAR offers dry hire of tipper, float, pipe, dog, and sidelifter trailers to meet your unique transport needs. Haul aggregates and materials with a heavy-duty tipper. Move equipment securely with a float trailer. Transport pipes efficiently with a pipe trailer. Tow machinery safely with a dog trailer. And load/unload objects from the side with a versatile sidelifter trailer. With trailers ranging in capacity and features, ROBAR provides the ideal trailer rental to match your construction, civil or industrial project.

All ROBAR trailers are modern, compliant and maintained for safety and reliability. Trust the experts at ROBAR Rentals to supply the specialized tipper, float, pipe, dog or sidelifter trailer your demanding job requires. Rent with confidence and keep your hauling jobs on track with ROBAR’s diverse trailer fleet.

Water Trailer for Hire - ROBAR Rentals - Brisbane & Adelaide

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From excavators and trucks to generators and compactors, explore the full range of civil construction equipment available for hire from ROBAR Rentals.

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Water Trailer for Hire - ROBAR Rentals - Brisbane & Adelaide


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