Low Loader

With specialised equipment and experienced operators, ROBAR Rentals provides safe and efficient low loader transportation services for oversize, overweight cargo. 

Our modern fleet of late model extendable low loaders is operated by licensed drivers to deliver your valuable assets intact across Australia.

Transporting Oversize Loads Safely Across Australia

With specialised low loaders and experienced drivers, ROBAR Rentals provides safe, efficient transportation to ensure oversize project cargo arrives on time and intact across Australia.

  • Oversize

    Specialist low loader transportation for oversize, overweight cargo exceeding normal regulations. Avoid dismantling with custom equipment.

  • Protection

    Reduce damage risks compared to standard trailers and transportation methods. Optimized for fragile, high-value cargoes.

  • Efficiency

    Efficient transportation solution for large mining gear, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and other assets.

  • National

    Door-to-door low loader delivery service reaching any location across Australia.

Low Loader Transport for Hire - ROBAR Rentals - Brisbane & Adelaide

Benefits of Low Loader Transport

Low loader transportation unlocks key advantages compared to standard transportation methods. With specialised extendable trailers, low loaders can safely transport oversize, overweight cargo loads that exceed normal weight and dimension regulations. This avoids the need to dismantle assets, saving time and preventing damage. For heavy machinery, mining equipment, agricultural assets, construction plant, and other large items, low loaders offer an efficient transportation solution.

Loads are optimised and secured on the low loader deck, reducing risks of damage during transport compared to using standard trailers. Low loaders provide door-to-door delivery capabilities across Australia, reaching any location nationwide. With our modern fleet of late model low loaders, ROBAR Rentals makes it easy to leverage the benefits of specialised transportation for your oversize, high-value cargo. We safely and efficiently transport your critical assets intact and on schedule across Australia.

ROBAR’s Low Loader Fleet and Services

ROBAR operates a modern low loader fleet equipped with the latest technology:

  • Range of specialist trailers including extendable low loaders, detachable goosenecks, hydraulic platforms.
  • Features including air-ride suspension, disc brakes and self-loadability via on-board winches or cranes.
  • Variety of deck lengths, axle configurations and payloads for diverse cargo.
  • Late model trailers maintained to highest standards by our experienced technicians.
  • Highly trained drivers plan optimal routes and obtain required permits. Real-time GPS tracking.

Delivering With Safety and Compliance Top of Mind

At ROBAR Rentals, safety and compliance are our top priorities for every low loader transportation job. We ensure strict conformance with all mass, dimension and load regulations in each Australian state and territory. Our journey management procedures are focused on safe driving and load restraint practices to secure cargo. All loads are properly tied down as per Australian standards prior to transit.

We have comprehensive insurance to cover cargo, vehicles and any incidents en route. By making safety and compliance core priorities, and equipping our fleet and drivers accordingly, ROBAR Rentals provides transparent, regulated transportation services you can have full confidence in. We take responsibility for securing necessary permits, developing safe journey plans and meeting all compliance obligations so you can trust your valuable cargo is in safe hands.

Why Choose ROBAR Rentals?

ROBAR delivers trusted low loader transportation Australia-wide:

  • Years of experience performing sensitive loads transport.
  • Nationwide reach including remote regions.
  • Priority on safe, on-time delivery. Rates tailored to your cargo.
  • Modern, well-maintained fleet of late model low loader equipment.
  • 24/7 availability to meet urgent transport needs.

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