1200L Water Cart Trailer

With a large 1200L tank and remote-operated spray nozzles extending irrigation up to 30 metres, ROBAR Rentals’ 1200L water cart trailer rentals offer an economical, low-impact solution for flexible and efficient site dust suppression and water delivery.

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For Hire 1200L Water Cart Trailer

1200L Water Cart Trailer for Hire

1200L Water Cart Trailer is a practical approach to managing water on a building site. This reduces surface disturbance with just one axle and a large 1200L tank on a 1700kg GVM trailer that is braked. It has 2 nozzles for a 10m coverage or 1 for a 6m coverage, remote-operated spray nozzles that can be switched from the driver’s seat offer flexibility. With a rotating hose reel, this trailer’s irrigation capabilities extend up to 30 metres, making it more than just a dust suppression device. It performs better than water cart trucks and comes with a 6-metre pick-up hose for self-filling, ensuring economical and effective water management on any site. Ready to upgrade your water management? Contact Robar Rentals now to harness the efficiency of the 1200L Water Cart Trailer.

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