13t Wheeled Loader

With powerful dual booms and a large front bucket, ROBAR Rentals’ 13-tonne wheeled loader rentals provide heavy-duty, precision scooping and lifting to smoothly handle construction materials, bulk loads or loose dirt and gravel.

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For Hire 13t Wheeled Loader

13t Wheeled Loader for Hire

Volvo L70H

Our 13t Wheeled Loader, is an astounding feat of heavy-duty material handling. It excels in scooping up items like dirt, sand, or gravel with precision because of its two booms and a front-mounted large bucket. It moves items without effort, whether it’s on wheels or rails. The 13t Wheeled Loader, which is frequently used in logistics, agriculture, and construction, raises activities for smooth material delivery. Invest now for unmatched effectiveness. See this dependable machine in action to experience the difference. For wet or dry hire, get in touch with ROBAR Rentals right away.

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