7t – 9t Tipper

Blending strength, durability and versatility, ROBAR Rentals’ 7-9 tonne Fighter tipper truck rentals provide medium-duty hauling power to adapt to and conquer a wide range of construction tasks and applications.

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For Hire 7t – 9t Tipper

7t – 9t Tipper for Hire

Mitsubishi Fuso FK Tipper Truck

The 7t – 9t Tipper is a true representation of strength and dependability. The Fighter Tipper series, which includes the FK Tipper Truck, is a prime example of outstanding medium-duty commercial vehicle design. Beyond its durable form, this vehicle is a representation of adaptability, effortlessly navigating both big-size and mid-size applications. Contact Robar Rentals now to bring the 7t – 9t Tipper Truck into your operations and experience the innovation that defines the Fighter series.


  • Engine Type: Commercial Vehicles

  • Body Type: Aluminium

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • Cylinder Count: 6-cylinder engine

  • Transmission Design: Straight 4 intercooler turbo; Straight 6 intercooler turbo

  • Fuel Tank: 100L

  • Max Gross Vehicle Mass: 6.3 kg

Frequenly Asked Questions

What safety processes does ROBAR Rentals have in place?

Safety is our number one priority. Our fleet meets the highest safety standards, including requirements for rail and mine sites. All equipment is fitted with safety features like reversing cameras, beepers, ROPS. Our team is fully trained in safe work procedures. We work closely with you to conduct risk assessments and implement safety controls.

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