Beaver Tail Plant Trailer

With a signature slanted rear loading design, ROBAR Rentals’ Beaver Tail plant trailers provide easy, adaptable transportation solutions for securely hauling low-clearance machinery, construction equipment and vehicles to work sites.

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For Hire Beaver Tail Plant Trailer

Beaver Tail Plant Trailer for Hire

The Beaver Tail Plant Trailer is a powerful option for efficient equipment transport. This trailer, also known as a dovetail, features a slanted extension on the rear frame that makes loading simple with or without rear ramps. The Beaver Tail ramp stands out for its effectiveness when it comes to moving low-clearance equipment, road vehicles, and scissor lifts. This plant trailer guarantees dependability and adaptability with its spare wheels, robust leaf springs, and sideways adjustable running lights. Make an investment in quality by selecting a trailer that can handle the special requirements of transporting big machinery. Contact Robar Rentals today to discover how this trailer can transform your equipment transport needs.

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