Excavator 1.7t

The compact yet mighty 1.7 Excavator rental, featuring Zero Tail Swing and excellent manoeuvrability, gives construction crews the ideal mini excavator to take on precise jobs in tight spaces.

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For Hire Excavator 1.7t

Excavator 1.7t for Hire

Kobelco SK17SR Excavator on Trailer

The compact and nimble Kobelco SK17SR, featuring Zero Tail Swing technology, is the ideal choice for maneuvering through confined work areas. It boasts user-friendly operation and offers the convenience of effortless transportation with an optional trailer.

The 1.7t Excavator is the go-to option for residential construction and urban commercial projects since it is designed for precision in small places. Its small size and excellent mobility enable it to go through limited spaces with ease. Beyond its size, it astounds with a lengthy digging reach that makes loading and excavation in difficult-to-access areas efficient. This excavator is a powerhouse, providing enough muscle for difficult jobs including installing utilities, building a landscape, moving materials, and concreting.


  • Operating Weight: 1,610kg

  • Max Dig Depth: 3,820mm

  • Max Dump Height: 2,630mm

  • Max Reach at Ground Level: 3.71m

  • Engine Power: 14.5 hp

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 20L

  • Hydraulic System: 23L

  • Max Travel Speed: 4.3 km/h

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