Excavator 30t

With exceptional strength, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation, ROBAR Rentals’ 30 to 55 tonne heavy excavator rentals provide the robust yet precise performance needed to drive large-scale construction and infrastructure projects.

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For Hire Excavator 30t

Excavator 30t for Hire

Doosan DX300LC

Large Excavators with weights ranging from 35 to 55 tonnes, are known for their strength, exceptional fuel efficiency, dependability, and whisper-quiet operation. They become the engine of urban and road construction projects, where accuracy and durable performance are required. These 30-tonne excavators are strong companions, combining strength, efficiency, and dependability to complete the most difficult tasks, from changing landscapes to managing heavy material loads. Are you prepared to up your construction game? To rent these powerful resources for the success of your project, contact ROBAR Rentals today.


  • Operating Weight: 29,299.4kg

  • Max Dig Depth: 13.88m

  • Max Dump Height: 7.37m

  • Max Reach at Ground Level: 11.09m

  • Engine Power: 197.13hp

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 500L

  • Hydraulic System: 330L

  • Max Travel Speed: 5.1km/h

Frequenly Asked Questions

What safety processes does ROBAR Rentals have in place?

Safety is our number one priority. Our fleet meets the highest safety standards, including requirements for rail and mine sites. All equipment is fitted with safety features like reversing cameras, beepers, ROPS. Our team is fully trained in safe work procedures. We work closely with you to conduct risk assessments and implement safety controls.

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