Hi-Ab Crane Truck

Perfect for medium-duty tasks, ROBAR Rentals’ Mitsubishi Fighter crane truck rentals provide reliable, multi-purpose commercial hauling and lifting performance to take on challenging transport operations with ease.

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For Hire Hi-Ab Crane Truck

Hi-Ab Crane Truck for Hire

Mitsubishi Fighter Crane Truck

Experience exceptional commercial performance with the Mitsubishi Fighter Crane Truck from Robar Rentals. This truck offers a perfect blend of strength and agility, making it ideal for various applications, whether navigating urban environments or handling challenging transport tasks. Built to meet industry standards, it guarantees success and takes your operations to new heights. Trust in the dependability and efficiency of Robar Rentals’ Mitsubishi Fighter Crane Truck for outstanding performance.


  • Body Type: Medium-duty Commercial Vehicle

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 12,960kg

  • Max Load Capacity: 4,000kg

  • Cylinder Count: 4-cylinder Engine

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 168.21L

  • Max Gross Vehicle Mass: 9,840kg

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