Telhandler – 4T Capacity

With remarkable 8,800-pound lifting capacity and a towering 55-foot reach, ROBAR Rentals’ Merlo P40 telehandler rentals provide unmatched power and versatility to take on even the most demanding industrial, construction and mining material handling jobs.

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For Hire Telhandler – 4T Capacity

Telhandler – 4T Capacity for Hire

Merlo P40

The Merlo P40 is a powerhouse with exceptional precision for lifting chores. This reach fork is a game-changer in industrial, mining, and construction applications with an astonishing 8,800-pound lifting capacity. It easily handles even the most difficult duties, rising up to a maximum height of 55′ and extending out to a maximum of 41′. The P40 is not only strong; it is also adaptable, with a variety of interchangeable attachments available, including clamps, platforms, hooks, carriages, forks, and buckets. Ready for superior lifting? Contact Robar Rentals now and make the Merlo P40 the focal point of your projects.


  • Operating Weight: 11,670kg

  • Max Horizontal Reach: 12.47m

  • Lift Height: 16.6m

  • Max Load Capacity: 3,991kg

  • Engine Power: 138hp

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 168.21L

  • Max Travel Speed: 40.23km/h

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