Water Trucks 13,000-15,000L

With large capacities up to 15,000 litres and innovative safety features, ROBAR Rentals’ extra-large water truck rentals provide heavy-duty, user-friendly and precise solutions to safely and efficiently deliver water across industrial, construction and mining sites.

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For Hire Water Trucks 13,000-15,000L

Water Trucks 13,000-15,000L for Hire

Iveco Acco 13000L Water Truck

Our Water Trucks (13,000–15,000L) have a cutting-edge design for efficiency and safety. They have a Hot Dip Galvanised Frame for longevity, a Safety Ball Baffle System for stability, a lowered rear pump plate for accessibility, and a choice of hydraulic systems. These trucks offer precision with a strong 1600L/min Hypro Pump, 3″ Pressurised Dribble Bar, and three spray heads. The in-cab control box ensures user-friendly operation, and safety is prioritised with a rear bumper and LED lights. Contact us for more effective performance and safety to improve water transport.


  • Capacity: 13,000

  • Body Type: Galvanized Fully Hot Dipped Tank

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 15,500kg

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 290L

  • Transmission Design: Automatic Transmission

Frequenly Asked Questions

What safety processes does ROBAR Rentals have in place?

Safety is our number one priority. Our fleet meets the highest safety standards, including requirements for rail and mine sites. All equipment is fitted with safety features like reversing cameras, beepers, ROPS. Our team is fully trained in safe work procedures. We work closely with you to conduct risk assessments and implement safety controls.

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